2018 Business Environment Study

Keeping Texas business friendly, economically vibrant, and politically engaged




The Business Environment Survey asks about your company’s experience and challenges in the current political climate here in Texas. The questions are best answered by an owner or key decision maker. Your answers will be reported only in the aggregate.  The information will help to shape programs that benefit the business community. The questionnaire should take less than 5 minutes to complete.  Thank you.



Please submit your answers online:



Q1.  Which city is your business located in?


Q2.  How many people does your business directly employ (including owners)?

    a)  Full-time employees (30+ hours per week) 

    b)  Part-time employees (less than 30 hours per week)

Q3.  Which one of the following best describes your business?

    Administrative support and accounting        

    Arts, entertainment and recreation




    Finance and insurance




    Medical or dental

    Professional Service

    Real estate


    Retail (such as a shop or store)

    Retail services (car repair, home repair, landscaping, etc.)




    Whole sale trade



Q4.  What is your age?

    21-30   31-40   41-50  51-60   61+   Prefer not to say


Q5.  Which of the following challenges, if any, did your business experience in the past 12         months?  Select all that apply. 

    a)  Government regulations 

    b)  Hiring and/or retaining qualified staff 

    c)  Decrease in revenues/sales 

    d)  Increasing revenues/sales

    e)  Taxes

    f)  Costs of running business

    g)  Other

    h)  None


Q6.  Are you registered to vote?


Q7.  Texas has one of the lowest rankings for competitive elections in the nation.  This means         that the small percentage of voters that turn up to vote in the primary (less than 10 percent of Texans) will decide which officials get elected, and those elected officials then make important decisions that impact the business community. Do you plan to vote in the 2018 primaries?

Please indicate if you Strongly Agree (SA), Agree (A), Disagree (D), or Strongly Disagree (SD) with the following statements.


Small businesses can have an impact on government decisions and the political process.



Big businesses can have an impact on government decisions and the political process.



Having a well-educated work force, predictable regulatory frameworks, modern infrastructure and timely passage of a balanced state budget are important needs of my industry and the economy.



It is important for the business community, both employers and employees, to be active and engaged in the political process.



It is important that our election maps are constructed to respect our community boundaries, so that my business and the community to which it belongs have a cohesive voice of representation.



Allowing politicians to draw their own election maps is a conflict of interest.  



I would likely participate in public hearings and submit feedback on our election maps if I thought it would provide better opportunities for my business and community. 



Drawing “safe” districts (a district that is guaranteed to be largely Democratic or Republican) in order to protect incumbent legislators has allowed politicians to put partisan interests ahead of the interests of their constituents.



Drawing “safe” districts has contributed to the polarization of our political parties and has prevented real work from getting done.



Our workspaces must be open and diverse in order to be successful.



Instead of having elected officials draw their own district boundaries, they should be drawn by a non-partisan commission, using neutral criteria so that one political party or politician is not favored over others.

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