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"Business leaders have long recognized that our economy depends on a well-educated work force, predictable regulatory frameworks, modern infrastructure and timely passage of a balanced state budget. None of these are possible with the current partisan gridlock promoted in large part by gerrymandered congressional and legislative districts. Intense competition and vitriol between the two political parties have created a system in which partisan success is more important than good government practices. Rather than finding common ground and balancing the interests of all citizens, the political parties have drifted to more ideological extremes."
Gerrymandering and the Industry of Politics
TribTalk, The Texas Tribune, Nov. 1, 2017
We all pay a steep economic price for a legislative system that has no accountability for results.  This has produced:
  • elected officials that are unresponsive to the people's needs

  • divisive rhetoric, gridlock, and inaction, not solutions

  • representatives that are afraid to vote against the party position, which leads to discriminatory legislation being passed

  • an unfair advantage for special interest groups and “big money”

  • ever-higher barriers to entry for third-party candidates, independents, and even moderates

  • no countervailing forces to restore healthy competition

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We hereby acknowledge the conflicts of interest in the traditional redistricting process and the harmful effects of gerrymandering on our community and the economy. We call for reform that will depoliticize the process of drawing our election maps. We support legislation that would:
  • respect political subdivisions and communities of interest
  • set limits on partisan involvement
  • use impartial, equitable, and sound methods to determine district boundaries
  • increase public input and transparency in the redistricting process
We call upon elected officials, party leaders, and groups within the community, who represent the citizens of this state, to join us and support the passage of such legislation.

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